Posted: April 21, 2019

TuscREIA held a special meeting at Geib Family Center, New Philadelphia on Thursday, April 11, 2019. President Patty McCreery welcomed Detective Phillip Valdez, Jodi Salvo and Diane Smith. They are with Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Office LEAD Office Drug Task Force Holmes/Tuscarawas/Carroll/Stark. 90% of serious crimes are committed because of illegal drugs. Cocaine is most popular drug in Tuscarawas County. Most of the drug seizure come from Chicago. Crack is on rise and Heroin is on decline. Tuscarawas County Health Department will give free Narcan kits if you watch video. If you use Narcan, you have no legal, liability, it will do no harm, the subject can be combative, do not need to report if used and is good for any opiate.

Tobacco use in T-County is 6% but vaping is 35%. Window ventilation may be a sign of drug use. Meth users can be very skinny, have lost teeth, fidgety, jerky, talkative, bad skin, etc. You also might see cut open batteries, lighter fluid and lye.

Most Human Trafficking in Tuscarawas County is prostitutes. Always good if you have concern to ask if they are there of their own free will.

April 27th Trinity Hospital is doing a Drug Take Back.

The next TuscREIA General Meeting is schedule May 9th @ 7pm. Action Now Pest Control will be the featured speaker. Terri & Jack Jones have volunteered to provide the evenings refreshments.

Sincerely, Janet Stear - Secretary

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