Posted: November 12,2017

A Great Big THANK YOU to Vane & Sue Scott for a wonderful history lesson.
"The many faces of Old Glory" was well received and I'm still getting rave
reviews on the program he brought to our members at the 20th TuscREIA
Holiday Dinner. On November 2nd we had our annual holiday dinner at
Dutch Valley Restaurant with 40 in attendance. 2018 Elections for Officers &
Advisory Board was held. Gifts were drawn throughout the evening with the
2018 Membership going to Del & Dee Stalter (a list of other winners will be in
the January 2018 newsletter).

The 2018 TuscREIA General Membership Applications will be emailed within the
next 5 days & will be posted to our web site. Please do not delay in getting those
memberships paid. Memberships received before January 1, 2018 will receive a
savings of $44.00.

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