2018 Benefits & Services Provided to TuscREIA Members.

In April 2005 TuscREIA launched our web site, www.tuscreia.com The most current
available information will be posted on our home page so members can keep up to date on association
activities, meetings and any other information you may need. As a member you will receive from 1 to 2
weeks after joining your personal user name & password for the ‘members info’ tab portion of the web
site. Under this tab are the current preferred forms, court complaint forms, 3 day notice forms,
landlord/tenant items of interest, evictions (updates & master), and information concerning evictions. It
is noted only court filed evictions are recorded and entered.

Prior to each meeting an email will be sent out to all members indicating the current
“UNITS OF NEWS” newsletter has now been added to the ‘newsletter’ tab. Information within the
newsletter will update members on items of interest since the last general meeting.

We are now running all our credit reports in house and you could have your report back from 1hr to within the day. We currently have access to two different types of credit reports. >>The ’Limited’ Report: This report is the typical report we have been getting, but much
clearer to understand. The cost for the ‘Limited’ Report is $15.00/person. >>The ‘Full’ Report: This has
all the items of the Limited with a full background check, eviction check, court check, criminal check, etc.
The cost for the ‘Full’ Report is $25.00/person. Any questions about which report would work best for
you and your business please call/email Terri @330/243-2147 or terri.tdsone@gmail.com

UNITS 4 RENT, Presently until further notice all members may
advertise their available rental units on the web site. Email your ad to Terri @ terri.tdsone@gmail.com
be as descriptive are you like staying within the landlord/tenant guidelines. At no additional cost you
may also add up to 5 photos of your unit.

A broadcast email to all our current members with items you have to sell can be
sent. Email a description to Terri @ terri.tdsone@gmail.com and add a photo it you like. No cost to the
membership for this service.

Currently we run a report every 60 days for Tuscarawas County. We collect filings from
both Southern District & New Phila Muni Courts. This information is under the ‘Members Info’ tab and
is private to current members only. Any member found sharing with a non-member will face
disciplinary action from the officers & advisory board. This information is typically posted after the
general meeting. The information is supplied by Tuscarawas County Public Records. TuscREIA provides
this information as a ‘Business Tool’ and should not be held liable for discrepancies. Any errors should
be dealt with directly through the court.

Please make sure your most current email address has been given to Terri, in
order to keep you better informed. PLEASE, send an email to Terri @ terri.tdsone@gmail.com


Membership Application - For 2019 (PDF)

2005 Membership Constitution By-Laws & Code of Stds (PDF)








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